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Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) Management Practices
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Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS)is the loss or impending loss of manufacturers or suppliers ofcritical items and raw materials due to production discontinuance.DMSMS is an increasingly difficult problem for DoD weapon systemsbecause the manufacturing lives of many critical items get shorterwhile the life cycles of military weapon systems keep increasing.Traditionally, efforts to mitigate the effects of DMSMS have beenreactive; that is, the effects are addressed only when they areseen. This reactive approach to DMSMS solutions leads to decisionsthat put a premium on faster solution paths with attractiveshort-term gains in order to avoid system inoperability, whileignoring the long-term solution paths that would lead to genericfamilies of solutions or larger-scale solutions with the capabilityof avoiding future DMSMS issues. In order to solve DMSMS issueswith lower overall cost, DMSMS solutions must change from reactiveto proactive. The building blocks of effective proactive managementof DMSMS are established during the design and development ofsystems. If systems are designed with the inevitability of DMSMS inmind, early solution paths with largescale solutions can be startedat an appropriately early time to enable intelligent choiceswithout the imminent threat of system inoperability. Such genericlarge-scale solutions and a consensus on where DMSMS threats aremost prevalent can be better forecasted by the use of a standardset of DMSMS management practices used by the foremost members ofindustry. The creation, dissemination, and widespread use of such astandard can greatly help the cause of proactive management ofDMSMS.

This guideline presents a set of management practices that canbe used by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) during thedesign and development of military electronic systems to mitigatethe effects of DMSMS. Such practices will help future builders andmodifiers of DoD weapon systems to design proactively to addressthe issues of future component obsolescence.