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BS EN 1760-1:1998
Safety of machinery. Pressure sensitive protective devices. General principles for the design and testing of pressure sensitive mats and pressure sensitive floors
36 стр.
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13.110 Safety of machinery / Безопасность механизмов29.120.50 Fuses and other overcurrent protection devices / Плавкие предохранители и другие защитные устройства при перегрузках
Ключевые слова:
Equipment safety, Safety devices, Occupational safety, Pressure-sensitive materials, Mats, Floor coverings, Floors, Textile floor coverings, Probes, Actuators, Control devices, Design, Performance, Installation, Response time, Static loading, Environment (working), Marking, Instructions for use, Maintenance, Type testing, Pressure testing, Endurance testing, Environmental testing, Inspection, Testing conditions, Electrical equipment, Electromagnetic compatibility