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ÖNORM EN 301131 V 1.1.1:1999-04
Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) - Teleaction teleservice - Service description
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33.080 Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) / Цифровая сеть связи с интеграцией служб (ISDN)
The present document defines the stage one of the teleaction bearer service for the pan-European Integrated Services
Digital Network (ISDN) as provided by European public telecommunications operators. Stage one is an overall service
description from the users point of view (see CCITT Recommendation I.130 [1]), but does not deal with the details of
the human interface itself.
The present document defines the interworking requirements for the teleaction bearer services supported by networks
other than ISDN (including private ISDNs) with the teleaction bearer services described in the present document.
The present document does not specify the additional requirements where the service is provided to the user via a
telecommunications network that is not ISDN but does include interworking requirements of other networks with the
public ISDN.
Charging principles are outside the scope of the present document.
Teleaction is a service providing for reliable low volume data communication and allied processing service to the users.
The teleaction bearer service can be used for applications such as monitoring, indicating, controlling or verifying of
remote events, operations, and measurements.
The present document is applicable to the stage two and stage three standards for the ISDN teleaction bearer service.
The terms "stage two" and "stage three" are also defined in CCITT Recommendation I.130 [1]. Where the text indicates
the status of a requirement (i.e. as strict command or prohibition, as authorization leaving freedom, or as a capability or
possibility), this needs to be reflected in the text of the relevant stage two and stage three standards. Furthermore,
conformance to the present document is met by conforming to the stage three standard with the field of application
appropriate to the equipment being implemented. Therefore, no method of testing is provided for the present document.
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