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ÖNORM EN 301349 V 8.4.1:2001-01
Digital cellular telecommunications system (Phase 2+) - General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) - Mobile Station (MS) - Base Station System (BSS) interface - Radio Link Control/Medium Access Control (RLC/MAC) protocol (GSM 04.60 version 8.4.1 Release 1999)
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33.070.50 Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) / Глобальная система мобильной связи (GSM)
The present document specifies the procedures used at the radio interface (Reference Point Um, see GSM 04.02) for the
General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) Medium Access Control /Radio Link Control (MAC/RLC) layer.
When the notations for further study or FS or FFS are present in the present document they mean that the
indicated text is not a normative portion of the present document.
The present document is applicable to the following GPRS Um functional layers:
Radio Link Control functions;
Medium Access Control functions; and
Physical Link Control functions.
The procedures described in the present document are for the RLC/MAC functions of the GPRS radio interface (Um)
when operating on a Packet Data Channel (PDCH).
The present document provides the overall description for RLC/MAC layer functions of the general Packet Radio
Service (GPRS and EGPRS) radio interface Um. Within the present document the term GPRS refers to GPRS and
EGPRS unless explicitly stated otherwise.
GSM 03.64 contains an overview of the GPRS radio interface (Um).
GSM 04.03 and GSM 04.04 contains the definition of the control channels used in the present document.
GSM 04.07 contains a description in general terms of the structured functions and procedures of this protocol and the
relationship of this protocol with other layers and entities.
GSM 04.08 contains the definition of GPRS RLC/MAC procedures when operating on the Common Control Channel
GSM 04.64 contains functional procedures for the Logical Link Control (LLC) layer.
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