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ÖNORM EN 301846 V 1.1.1:2001-11
Private Integrated Services Network (PISN) - Profile Standard for the use of PSS1 (QSIG) in Air Traffic Services networks
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33.040.35 Telephone. Including Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN), Private Telecommunication Networks (PTN) and Private Integrated Service Networks (PISN) / Телефонные сети. Включая коммутируемые телефонные сети общего пользования (PSTN), корпоративные телекоммуникационные сети (PTN) и сети с интеграцией служб частного пользования (PISN)
The present document specifies the combination of base standards, together with the selection of appropriate options
and parameter values, necessary to specify how QSIG/PSS1 can be used to provide digital signalling capabilities
between Private Integrated services Networks eXchange (PINX) in an Air Traffic Services (ATS) PISN.
The present document defines:
- physical and electrical characteristics (physical layer) of the interfaces to the transmission systems to be
- data link layer procedures to ensure error-free communications links;
- network layer procedures for call establishment and clearing; and
- supplementary services to meet specific ATS requirements.
The present document states requirements upon implementations in order to achieve interoperability between equipment
NOTE 1: Implementation of the present document does not preclude a manufacturer from offering other means of
The present document does not specify requirements related to interworking between QSIG and other signalling
systems used in ATS PISNs.
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