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ÖNORM EN 301937 V 1.1.1:2003-01
Services and Protocols for Advanced Networks (SPAN) - Number portability for ETNS services
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33.040.35 Telephone. Including Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN), Private Telecommunication Networks (PTN) and Private Integrated Service Networks (PISN) / Телефонные сети. Включая коммутируемые телефонные сети общего пользования (PSTN), корпоративные телекоммуникационные сети (PTN) и сети с интеграцией служб частного пользования (PISN)
The scope of the present document is to investigate aspects related to number portability for ETNS services using a
European Telephony Number Space (ETNS). In this study the focus is on the number portability between Service
Providers (SP) i.e. a customer can move from one ETNS Service Provider (SP) to another and retain a European
Number for that service.
The present document describes the main technical requirements and features of number portability in the context of an
ETNS service and discusses the technologies available today and in the near future for realizing number portability in
an efficient way whilst trying as much as possible to minimize the impacts on the network.
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