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ÖNORM EN 302093-1 V 1.1.1:2000-10
Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network (B-ISDN) - Digital Subscriber Signalling System No. two (DSS2) protocol - Point-to-point multiconnection bearer control specification in a separated call and bearer environment - Part 1: Protocol specification
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33.080 Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) / Цифровая сеть связи с интеграцией служб (ISDN)
The present document specifies the procedures for establishing, maintaining and clearing of bearer connections to pointto-
point multiconnection calls at the B-ISDN user-network interface.
It specifies the essential features, procedures, and messages required for controlling bearer connections associated to
point-to-point multiconnection calls in a functionally separated call and bearer control environment.
The procedures specified by the present document are applicable at the interface between a B-ISDN terminal equipment
and a B-ISDN public network (coincident Sb and Tb reference point) as well as at the interface between a B-ISDN
customer network and a B-ISDN public network (i.e. at the Tb reference point).
The separated bearer control protocol defined by the present document is applicable to control bearers associated to a
multiconnection call which is controlled independently by means of a separate call control protocol.
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