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AWS C5.5/C5.5M:2003
Recommended Practices for Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
Рекомендованные практические руководства по газо-вольфрамовой дуговой сварке
130 стр.
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The first completely new treatment of gas tungsten arc welding GTAW since 1980, this comprehensive document is an indispensable tool for operators, supervisors, trainers, and other GTAW professionals. The standard presents recommended practices for the GTAW process. It provides a fundamental explanation of the process, describes basic practices and concepts, and outlines advanced methods and applications. These features should help welding personnel determine the best applications of GTAW, and apply it in manual and automated operations. This edition addresses the present uses of GTAW in the metalfabricating industry, new applications, and advances in research and development. It provides many practical recommendations on the use of GTAW, and a handy troubleshooting section. Contents include Process Advantages and Limitations Equipment and Supplies Tungsten Electrodes Gas Shielding, Purging, and Backing Fixturing and Tooling Welding Techniques Joint Design, Preparation, and Welding Positions Welding Characteristics of Selected Alloys Quality Control Troubleshooting and Safety ANSI Approved.