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AWS C4.6M:2006 (R2012) (ISO 9013:2002 IDT)
Thermal Cutting - Classification of Thermal Cuts - Geometric Product Specification and Quality Tolerances
Термическая резка - Классификация термических срезов - Технические условия на геометрию изделий и допуски на качество
48 стр.
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This is the U.S. national adoption of ISO 9013:2002, Thermal cutting - Classification of thermal cuts - Geometric product specification and quality tolerances. It includes three national annexes (Criteria for Describing Oxygen-Cut  Surfaces with a photograph of a Surface Roughness Guide, a list of reference documents available for individuals involved with Oxyfuel Gas Welding and Cutting, and a guide for the preparation of technical inquiries to AWS) as well as a list of published AWS documents on Oxyfuel Gas Welding and Cutting.