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ASTM D6440-10
Standard Terminology Relating to Hydrocarbon Resins
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01.040.01 Generalities. Terminology. Standardization. Documentation (Vocabularies) / Общие положения. Терминология. Стандартизация. Документация. Документация (Словари)83.080.20 Thermoplastic materials / Термопластические материалы
Сборник (ASTM):
06.01 Paint -- Tests for Chemical, Physical, and Optical Properties; Appearance / Красители – Испытания на Химические, Физические и Оптические свойства; Внешний вид
Paints & Related Coatings
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1.1 The hydrocarbon resin industry continues toevolve from a source of replacement products for naturally-derivedmaterials to industrial materials that have no naturally-derivedcounterparts. Along with this changing character of the industry,various manufacturing participants have introduced terms that haveled to confusion among both manufacturers and consumers. Thisterminology standard is intended to alleviate that confusion andpromote standard usage of terms in the hydrocarbon resinindustry.

1.2 Resins derived principally from natural terpenefractions are under the jurisdiction of D01.34.

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Hydrocarbon resins; Terminology--paints/related coatings/materials; Aromatic hydrocarbons (AHs);