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ASTM D7355-10
Standard Guide for Artists' Paint Waste Disposal in Smaller Commercial or Educational Settings
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13.030.99 Other. Including waste prevention / Отходы, прочие аспекты. Включая предотвращение появления отходов
Сборник (ASTM):
06.02 Paint -- Products and Applications; Protective Coatings; Pipeline Coatings / Красители – Продукты и их применение; Защитные покрытия; Покрытия для трубопровода
Paints & Related Coatings
Значение и использование

Persons using artists' paints produce waste that could be harmful to the environment if released without precaution. Currently, may of these wastes are being released into the environment through ground or sanitary sewer disposal thus negatively impacting the environment. This is a particular problem with paints mixed with water, as they might be regulated because of the metals contained in the pigments used in artist's paint products, though many users are not aware of this environmental concern

This guide establishes recommendations for the environmentally responsible clean up and disposal of waste produce by users of artists' paint products and solvents. It does not supersede laws or regulations, but recommends prudent practices.

This guide's use should be limited to small commercial or educational settings and be considered as one way to meet regulatory requirements. In larger educational and commercial settings, an internal environmental compliance office or a local regulatory office should be consulted to determine if this guide will work within their requirements.

Область применения

1.1 This guide establishes recommendations for thesafe and environmentally friendly clean up and disposal of artists'paints and by-products of their use in a smaller commercial oreducational setting.

1.2 The values stated in inch-pound units are to beregarded as standard. No other units of measurement are included inthis standard.

1.3 This standard does notpurport to address all of the safety concerns, if any, associatedwith its use. It is the responsibility of the user of this standardto establish appropriate safety and health practices and determinethe applicability of regulatory requirements prior touse.

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artists' paints disposal; hazardous waste;