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ÖNORM EN 301238 V 1.3.1:2002-01
Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) - Data Services Profile (DSP) - Isochronous data bearer services with roaming mobility (service type D, mobility class 2) (incl. Diskette!!!)
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33.070.30 Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) / Цифровые расширения беспроводных телекоммуникаций (DECT)
The present document specifies a profile for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) systems
conforming to EN 300 175, parts 1 to 7 ( [1] to [7]). It is part of a family of profiles aimed at the general connection of
terminals supporting non-voice services to a fixed infrastructure, private and public.
The type D service, mobility class 2, as described in the ETR 185 [9] supports Isochronous Data Bearer Services
(IDBSs) with mobility and is suitable for transparent transfer of isochronous data streams. It is intended for use in
private and public roaming applications. Video telephony, video conferencing and secure telephone services
(end-to-end encrypted) over external networks can be considered as applications of IDBS.
Phase 1 of the present document defines an unprotected service offering an unrestricted digital 32 kbit/s data bearer
service, strongly based on the Generic Access Profile (GAP) (defined in EN 300 444 [8]), and an unprotected single
bearer, multi-rate, rate adaptation service to interwork to synchronous ITU-T Recommendations V.series interfaces.
In addition to the above, the current D.2 service supports an asynchronous version of the unprotected single bearer,
multi-rate, rate adaptation service to interwork with asynchronous ITU-T Recommendations V.series interfaces.
Further phases of this profile may additionally provide multiple rate, multibearer support and limited error correction
capability for services/applications requiring higher rates and high quality isochronous data transmission.
The present document specifies the requirements on the Physical layer (PHL), Medium Access Control (MAC) layer,
Data Link Control (DLC) layer and Network (NWK) layer of DECT. The present document also specifies Management
Entity (ME) requirements and generic Interworking Conventions (IC).
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