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ÖNORM EN 301926 V 1.2.1:2002-09
Satellite Earth Stations and Systems (SES) - Radio Frequency and Modulation Standard for Telemetry, Command and Ranging (TCR) of Geostationary Communications Satellites
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33.060.30 Radio relay and fixed satellite communications systems / Радиорелейные и стационарные спутниковые системы связи
The present document applies to Telemetry, Command and Ranging (TCR) systems operating typically in the following
5 850 MHz; 6 725 MHz uplink; 3 400 MHz; 4 200 MHz downlink;
12 750 MHz; 14 800 MHz and 17 300 MHz; 18 100 MHz uplink; 10 700 MHz; 12 750 MHz downlink;
for Geostationary Communications Satellites.
The present document sets out the minimum performance requirements and technical characteristics of the
ground/satellite Radio Frequency (RF) interface partially based on Spread Spectrum Multiple Access (SSMA).
With the growing number of satellites, the co-location constraints and the maximization of bandwidth for
Communications Missions, and interference has motivated the elaboration of the present document for geostationary
satellites based on Spread Spectrum techniques.
The present document addresses the following applications:
Command (Telecommand);
Currently, no RF and Modulation standard exists for the TCR of geostationary communication satellites. The aim of the
present document is to respond to such requirements. There are consequently similarities with existing agency
standards, such as those listed in annex I, although some specifics have been introduced to respond to the requirement
of multiple access for collocated geostationary communication satellites.
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