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AWWA C562-12
AWWA C562-12 Fabricated Aluminum Slide Gates
Сборные алюминиевые шиберные задвижки
36 стр.
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his standard describes vertically mounted, fabricated aluminum slide gates with full-aperture closure, designed for either seating or unseating head, or both in water and wastewater service. 

The gates are primarily used to shut off or throttle water or wastewater flow through a rectangular or round orifice, end of channel, or in-channel opening. They may be of either conventional closure or of flush-bottom closure types and may be opened upward or downward. 

This standard also describes manual gate actuator mechanisms together with standard accessories. Power-actuated mechanisms (including electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic) are described in ANSI/AWWA C541 and ANSI/AWWA C542. 

The purpose of this standard is to provide the minimum requirements for fabricated aluminum slide gates, including materials, general design, manufacture, testing, inspection, and shipment.