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ASTM C1236-99
Standard Guide for In-Plant Performance Evaluation of Automatic Vehicle SNM Monitors
4 стр.
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17.240 Radiation. Including dosimetry / Измерения параметров излучений
Сборник (ASTM):
12.01 Nuclear Energy (I) / Ядерная энергия (I)
Nuclear Technology
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1.1 This guide is one of a series on special nuclear material (SNM) monitors and their performance evaluation. Others in the series provide information on SNM monitoring, monitor calibration, and methods of evaluation (see 2.1), but Guide C993, in particular, provides much of the basis for this guide. The purpose for a guide to in-plant performance evaluation is to provide a comparatively rapid way to verify whether SNM monitors perform as expected for detecting SNM or an alternative test source.

1.2 Guide C993 points out that in-plant evaluation is one part of a program to keep SNM monitors in proper operating condition and that in-plant evaluation can be used as a routine operational evaluation or can be used to verify performance after a monitor is calibrated.

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Material control and accountability; Nuclear materials management; Radiation detectors; Safeguards; Security systems and equipment; Special nuclear materials (SNM); automatic vehicle SNM monitors-in-plant performance evaluation, guide