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ASTM C412-99
Standard Specification for Concrete Drain Tile
5 стр.
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23.040.50 Pipes and fittings of other materials / Трубы и фитинги из других материалов
Сборник (ASTM):
04.05 Chemical-Resistant Nonmetallic Materials; Vitrified Clay Pipe; Concrete Pipe; Fiber-Reinforced Cement Products; Mortars and Grouts; Masonry; Precast Concrete / Химически устойчивые неметаллические материалы; Глазированные керамические трубы; Трубы бетонные; изделия из фиброцемента; Известковые цементные растворы; Монолитный бетон; Сборный бетон
Область применения

1.1 This specification covers concrete drain tile with internal diameters from 4 to 36 in. that are intended to be used for surface and subsurface drainage.

1.2 A complete metric companion to Specification C412 has been developed--C412M; therefore, no metric equivalents are presented in this specification.

Note 1-This specification is a manufacturing and purchase specification only and does not include requirements for bedding, backfill, or the relationship between field load condition and the strength classification of drain tile. However, experience has shown that the successful performance of the product depends upon the proper selection of the class of drain tile, type of bedding and backfill, and care that the installation conforms to the construction specifications. The owner is cautioned that he must correlate the field requirements with the class of drain tile specified and provide for or require inspection at the construction site.
Ключевые слова:
Concrete; concrete drain tile, spec., (for metric see C 412M)