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ASTM D4849-13e3
Standard Terminology Related to Yarns and Fibers
12 стр.
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59.080.20 Yarns. Including plied yarns, textured yarns, threads / Пряжа. Включая крученую пряжу, текстурированную пряжу, нити
Сборник (ASTM):
07.02 Textiles (II): D4393-latest / Текстиль (II): с D4393 и далее
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1.1 Thisstandard is a compilation of terminology developed by CommitteeD13.58 on Yarns and Fibers.

1.1.1This terminology, mostly definitions, is unique to fibers and yarnsused in the textile industry. Terms that are generally understoodor adequately defined in other readily available sources are notincluded.

1.1.2Subcommittee D13.58 has jurisdictional responsibility for everyitem in this standard. The standards in which the terms anddefinitions are used are listed by number after the definition. Thewording of an entry cannot be changed without the approval of 13.58subcommittee. Any changes approved by the subcommittee and maincommittee are then directed to subcommittee D13.92 on Terminologyfor subsequent changes or additions to Terminology D123.

1.1.3This terminology standard is not all inclusive of the terms underthe jurisdiction of Subcommittee D13.58. Other terminologystandards under the jurisdiction of Subcommittee D13.58 are D3888, D4466, and D4848.

1.2This international standard was developed in accordance withinternationally recognized principles on standardizationestablished in the Decision on Principles for the Development ofInternational Standards, Guides and Recommendations issued by theWorld Trade Organization Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT)Committee.