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ASTM E2234-05
Standard Practice for Sampling a Stream of Product by Attributes Indexedby AQL
60 стр.
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Сборник (ASTM):
14.05 Statistical Methods; Hazard Potential of Chemicals; Thermal Measurements; Manufacture of Pharmaceutical Products / Статистические методы; Потенциальные опасности химических веществ; Измерения температуры; Производство фармацевтической и биофармацевтической продукции
Quality Control
Область применения

1.1 PurposeThis standard establishes lot or batch sampling plansand procedures for inspection by attributes using MIL-STD-105E as abasis for sampling a steady stream of lots indexed by AQL. Thetabled calculations are based on the probabilistic theory ofrecurrent events when a series of lots or batches are produced in astable environment.

1.2 ApplicationSampling plans designated in this publication areapplicable, but not limited, to inspection of the following: (1)end items, (2) components and raw materials, (3) operations orservices, (4) materials in process, (5) supplies in storage, (6)maintenance operations, (7) data or records, and (8) administrativeprocedures.

1.2.1 These plans are intended primarily to be used for acontinuing series of lots or batches. The plans may also be usedfor the inspection of isolated lots or batches, but, in this lattercase, the user is cautioned to consult the operating characteristiccurves and Table VI or Table VII to find a plan which will yieldthe desired protection (see 4.11).

1.2.2 This publication should be used to guide the user in thedevelopment of an inspection strategy that provides a costeffective approach to attaining confidence in product compliancewith contractual technical requirements. The user is warned of theassumed risks relative to the chosen sample size and AQL.

1.2.3 This standard provides the sampling plans of MIL-STD-105Ein ASTM format for use by ASTM committees and others. It recognizesthe continuing usage of MIL-STD-105 in industries supported byASTM. The standard provides the fundamental basis for many existingsampling procedures currently in effect in laboratories and otherfacilities. As such, it provides a primary source for other AQLstandards and for specifically engineered sampling plans developedby other standards bodies and individual facilities and appearingin various forms on the shelves of countless laboratories andoperations. It replaces the AQL scheme previously incorporated inthe Related Materials Section of Volume 14.02 of the Annual Book ofASTM Standards.

Ключевые слова:
acceptance quality level (AQL); average outgoing quality (AOQ); average outgoing quality limit (AOQL); classification of defects; critical defect; critical defective; defect; defective; defects per hundred units; inspection; inspection by attributes; lot or batch; lot or batch size; major defect; major defective; minor defect; minor defective; percent defective; process average; sample; sample size code letter; sampling plan; unit of product