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ASTM E2521-07
Standard Terminology for Urban Search and Rescue Robotic Operations
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13.200 Accident. Including emergency evacuations and emergency control systems / Борьба с несчастными случаями и катастрофами. Включая аварийную эвакуацию и системы аварийного управления
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15.08 Sensory Evaluation; Vacuum Cleaners; Security Systems and Equipment; Detention and Correctional Facilities; Homeland Security Applications / Сенсорная оценка; Уборочные машины вакуумного действия; оборудование и системы безопасности; Исправительные заведения и тюрьмы; Системы национальной безопасности
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1.1 This terminology covers terms associated with Urban Search and Rescue (USR) Robotics. By providing a common and consistent lexicon, the purpose of this document is to facilitate communication between individuals who may be involved in the research, design, and deployment of robots for USR operations.

1.2 In order for the standard to be harmonious with the practices in the field, definitions have been drawn from the literature or other public sources when possible. When no definition is available, or definitions are in dispute, a consensus-based approach will be employed to resolve definitions and add them to the lexicon. The development of this standard is taking place in close coordination with the corresponding efforts in E54.08 and E54.92 to ensure comprehensive and consistent coverage.