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ASTM E288-06
Standard Specification for Laboratory Glass Volumetric Flasks
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71.040.20 Laboratory ware and related apparatus / Лабораторная посуда и сопутствующая аппаратура
Сборник (ASTM):
14.04 Laboratory Apparatus; Degradation of Materials; SI; Oxygen Fire Safety / Лабораторная аппаратура; Деградация материалов; Международная система единиц СИ; Кислород и пожарная безопасность
Laboratory Testing
Область применения

1.1 This specification covers requirements for glass volumetricflasks of precision and general-purpose grades suitable forlaboratory purposes.

1.1.1 Class AEach flask of precision grade shall be marked withthe letter "A" to signify compliance with applicable constructionand accuracy requirements. Flasks may be marked with anidentification number (serial number) at the option of themanufacturer.

1.1.2 Class BGeneral purpose flasks are of the same basic designas Class A flasks. However, volumetric tolerances for Class Bflasks shall be within twice the specified range allowed for ClassA flasks. These flasks need not be marked with their classdesignation.

Note 1

Specifications for micro volumetric flasks in sizes from 1 mL to25 mL, inclusive, are given in Specification E 237.

Note 2

The Twelfth General (International) Conference on Weights andMeasures redefined the litre as a "special name for the cubicdecimetre," but agreed to permit continuance of the terms litre,millilitre, and mL, except in association with measurements of thehighest precision. For volumetric glassware the difference betweenthe old and new meanings of litre is negligible. Therefore, eithermL or cm3 may be marked on ware covered by thisSpecification.

1.1.3 Product with a stated capacity not listed in this standardmay be specified class A tolerance when product conforms to thetolerance reange of the next smaller volumetric standard productlisted in .

1.1.4 Wide MouthRequirements for insertion of tablet or capsulefor assay dilution and to accommodate access of larger diameterpipets have created demand for introduction of volumetric flasksprovided with larger opening. Product with a stated capacity with awider mouth, not previously listed in this standard, may bespecified class A tolerance when product conforms to the tolerancerange of the volumetric standard product listed in . In order toavoid confusion, wide neck flask tolerance must be marked on eachflask as a requirement.

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