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BS EN 61558-1:2005
Safety of power transformers, power supplies, reactors and similar products. General requirements and tests
166 стр.
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29.180 Transformers. Reactors / Трансформаторы. Реакторы
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Power transformers, Small-power transformers, Transformers, Electrical safety, Electric power systems, Electrical equipment, Isolating transformers, Safety isolating transformers, Alternating-current transformers, Single-phase transformers, Polyphase transformers, Dry-type transformers, Stationary, Portable, Rated voltage, Rated frequencies, Power output, Safety measures, Classification systems, Marking, Symbols, Electric enclosures, Protected electrical equipment, Clearance distances, Leakage paths, Earthing, Temperature-rise limit, Electrical insulation, Dielectric strength, Overload protection, Type testing, Electrical testing, Dielectric-strength tests, Short-circuit current tests, Resistance measurement, Tracking tests, Thermal testing, Mechanical testing, Impact testing, Drop tests, Environmental testing, Corrosion tests, Fire tests, Switches, Cut-out devices, Electrical protection equipment, Flexible conductors, Electric terminals, Circuits, Cable glands, Screws (bolts), Torque, Windings