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BS ISO 13216-3:2006
Road vehicles. Anchorages in vehicles and attachments to anchorages for child restraint systems. Classification of child restraint dimensions and space in vehicle
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43.040.80 Crash. Including airbags, safety belts, traffic accident issues and safety enhancement matters / Защита при авариях и предохранительная система. Включая подушки безопасности, ремни безопасности, вопросы дорожно-транспортных проишествий и вопросы повышения уровня безопасности
Ключевые слова:
Marking, Restraint systems (protective), Vehicle seating, Seatings, Dimensions, Road vehicles, Structural members, Spaced, Child-restraining devices, Children, Classification systems, Baby seats (vehicles), Anchorages, Road vehicle components, Passenger restraint systems