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IEC 60154-2:2016 ed3.0
Flanges for waveguides - Part 2: Relevant specifications for flanges for ordinary rectangular waveguides
98 стр.
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33.120.10 Coaxial cables. Waveguides / Коаксиальные кабели. Волноводы
IEC 60154-2:2016 specifies the dimensions of flanges for ordinary rectangular waveguide for use in electronic equipment. It covers requirements for flanges drilled before or after mounting on waveguides. It should be noted that for optimum electrical performance, post-drilling of the alignment holes after mounting is recommended. The aim of this standard is to specify for waveguide flanges the mechanical requirements necessary to ensure compatibility and, as far as practicable, interchangeability as well as to ensure adequate electrical performance. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:
a) revise the estimation for return loss at connection interface of waveguides;
b) add two type of waveguide flange for high frequency application, i.e. over 50 GHz;
c) expand the operation frequency range up to 3,3 THz;
d) rename the frequency band over R 1200, i.e. R1,2k.