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IEC 60252-2:2010 ed2.0
AC motor capacitors - Part 2: Motor start capacitors
87 стр.
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31.060.30 Paper and plastics capacitors / Бумажные и пластмассовые конденсаторы31.060.70 Power capacitors / Силовые конденсаторы
IEC 60252-2:2010 applies to motor start capacitors intended for connection to windings of asynchronous motors supplied from a single-phase system having the frequency of the mains. Covers impregnated or unimpregnated metallized motor start capacitors having a dielectric of paper or plastic film, or a combination of both and electrolytic motor start capacitors with non-solid electrolyte, with rated voltages up to and including 660 V. The main changes with respect to the previous edition are:
- definition of segmented film capacitors;
- clearer definition of the purpose of d.c. conditioning in destruction test.