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IEC 60286-2:2008 ed3.0
Packaging of components for automatic handling - Part 2: Packaging of components with unidirectional leads on continuous tapes
65 стр.
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31.240 Mechanical structures for electronic equipment / Механические конструкции электронного оборудования31.020 Electronic components in general / Электронные компоненты в целом
IEC 60286-2:2008 applies to the packaging of components with two or more unidirectional leads for use in electronic equipment. In general, the tape is applied to the component leads. This standard covers requirements for taping techniques used with equipment for automatic handling, preforming of leads, insertion and other operations and includes only those dimensions which are essential to the taping of components intended for the above-mentioned purposes. This third edition cancels and replaces the second edition published in 1997 and its amendment 1 (2002) and constitutes a minor revision related to tables, figures and references.