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IEC 60301:2012 ed3.0
Preferred diameters of wire terminations of capacitors and resistors
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31.040.01 Resistors in general / Резисторы в целом31.060.01 Capacitors in general / Конденсаторы в целом
IEC 60301:2012 gives a series of preferred diameters of the finished wire terminations of capacitors and resistors for use in electronic equipment. This third edition cancels and replaces the second edition, published in 1971, and its Amendment 1, published in 1972, and constitutes a technical revision. The main technical changes with respect to the second edition are the following:
- employment of SI units only in the normative part of this standard, causing transfer of all imperial dimensions from Table 1 to the informative Annex A,
- addition of two smaller diameters of wire terminations in Table 1, and
- tightening of the tolerance ranges defined by minimum and maximum diameters in Table 1.