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IEC 60364-5-53:1986 ed1.0
Electrical installations of buildings - Part 5: Selection and erection of electrical equipment - Chapter 53: Switchgear and controlgear
15 стр.
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91.140.50 Electricity. Including electric energy meters in buildings, emergency electrical supplies, etc. / Системы электроснабжения. Включая аварийное электроснабжение и т.д.29.130.01 Switchgear and controlgear in general / Коммутационная аппаратура и аппаратура управления в целом
Contains general data for selection and erection of switchgear and controlgear. It covers devices for protection against indirect contact by automatic disconnection of supply, devices for protection against overcurrent and information about coordination of various protective devices. This second edition is renumbered to fall in line with Part 4 of IEC 364.