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IEC 60420:1990 ed2.0
High-voltage alternating current switch-fuse combinations
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29.130.10 High. Including enclosed switchgear and controlgear / Высоковольтное оборудование, коммутационная аппаратура и аппаратура управления. Включая закрытую коммутационную аппаратуру и аппаратуру управления
This standard applies to three-pole units for public and industrial distribution systems which are functional assemblies of switches including switch-disconnectors and current-limiting fuses and thus able to interrupt: -any load current up to the rated breaking current of the switch;-any over-current up to the rated short-circuit breaking current of the combination by which automatic interruption is initiated.This standard applies to combinations designed with rated voltages above 1 kV and below 52 kV for use on three-phase alternating current systems of either 50 Hz or 60 Hz.