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IEC 60446:2007 ed4.0
Basic and safety principles for man-machine interface, marking and identification - Identification of conductors by colours or alphanumerics
30 стр.
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29.020 Electrical. Including voltages, general electrical terminology, electrical documentation, electrical tables, safety, fire hazard testing, etc. / Электротехника в целом. Включая напряжение, общую терминологию, электротехническую документацию, электрические таблицы, безопасность, испытания на пожароопасность и т.д.01.070 Colour coding / Цветовое кодирование
IEC 60446:2007 provides general rules for the use of certain colours or alphanumerics to identify conductors with the aim of avoiding ambiguity and ensuring safe operation. These conductor colours or alphanumerics are intended to be applied in cables or cores, busbars, electrical equipment and installations. This fourth edition cancels and replaces the third edition, published in 1999 and constitutes a technical revision. It includes the following changes:
- addition of Clause 3 - Terms and definitions;
- addition of Clause 4 - Identification of conductors;
- addition of subclauses 5.3.4 to 5.3.6 - Use of bi-colour combinations;
- addition of subclause 6.2 - Identification of certain designated conductors;
- addition of a new Annex A (informative) "Identification of certain designated conductors by means of colour code and alphanumeric"; - deletion of the old Annex A (informative) "Methods of marking PEN conductors in different countries". This bilingual version (2014-04) corresponds to the monolingual English version, published in 2007-05. It has the status of a basic safety publication in accordance with IEC Guide 104.