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IEC 60603-4:1987 ed1.0
Connectors for frequencies below 3 MHz for use with printed boards - Part 4: Two-part connectors for printed boards having contacts spaced at 1,91 mm (0,075 in) centres and staggered terminations at that same spacing
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31.220.10 Plug-and-socket devices. Connectors / Штепсельные разъемы. Соединители
Applies to a group of related rectangular, multicontact, two-part printed board connectors with male and female contacts in conjunction with either solder or solderless terminations (such as wrap type). All connectors have the same contact spacing using the basic grid of 1.91 mm (0.075 in).The attachment of the connector to the printed board is accomplished with a series of cantilever solder tabs, which are distributed evenly on both sides of the board.