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IEC 60748-20:1988 ed1.0
Semiconductor devices. Integrated circuits. Part 20: Generic specification for film integrated circuits and hybrid film integrated circuits
83 стр.
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393.12 CHF (включая НДС 20%)
31.200 Integrated. Including electronic chips, logical and analogue microstructures / Интегральные схемы. Микроэлектроника. Включая электронные микросхемы, логические и аналоговые микроструктуры
Applies to film integrated circuits and to hybrid film integratedcircuits both passive and active. Applies also to partly-completedF and HFICs supplied to customers for subsequent processing as wellas to chip carrier circuits having more than one chip, providedthat they have been interconnected by film interconnectiontechniques.This specification defines the quality assessment procedures andthe methods for electrical, climatic, mechanical and endurancetests. It outlines the requirements which shall be applied to therelease of circuits using either qualification approval proceduresor capability approval procedures.