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IEC 60748-21:1997 ed2.0
Semiconductor devices - Integrated circuits - Part 21: Sectionalspecification for film integrated circuits and hybrid filmintegrated circuits on the basis of qualification approvalprocedures
43 стр.
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31.200 Integrated. Including electronic chips, logical and analogue microstructures / Интегральные схемы. Микроэлектроника. Включая электронные микросхемы, логические и аналоговые микроструктуры
Applies to film and hybrid film integrated circuits, manufacturedas catalogue or as custom-built products whose quality is assessedon the basis of Qualification Approval.Presents preferred values for rating and characteristics, selectsfrom the generic specification the appropriate tests and measuringmethods and gives general performance requirements to be used indetail specifications for film and hybrid film integrated circuits.