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IEC 60781:1989 ed1.0
Application guide for calculation of short-circuit currents in low-voltage radial systems
57 стр.
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17.220.01 Electricity. Including electromagnetism / Электричество. Магнетизм. Общие аспекты. Включая электромагнетизм29.240.20 Power transmission and distribution lines / Линии электропередачи и распределительные линии
This application guide presents a practical method to be used when calculating short-circuit currents in low-voltage networks. The method corresponds strictly with IEC 60909 and leads to conservative results with sufficient accuracy.Two short-circuit currents which differ in magnitude are to be calculated:-the maximum short-circuit current which causes the maximum thermal and electromagnetic effects on electrical equipment and determines the required capacity or rating;-the minimum short-circuit current which may be a basis for the adjustment of protective devices.