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IEC 60843-1:1994 ed2.0
Helical-scan video tape cassette system using 8 mm magnetic tape - 8 mm video - Part 1: General specifications
111 стр.
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33.160.40 Video. Including video tape recorders, cameras, cassettes, laser disks, etc. / Видеосистемы. Включая видеомагнитофоны, камеры, кассеты, лазерные диски и т.д.
Applies to magnetic video recording and/or playback with 8 mm tapecassettes on two-head helical-scan video cassette recorders,suitable for the recording and/or playback of monochrome as well ascolour television signals. Defines the electrical and mechanicalcharacteristics of equipment which will provide forinterchangeability of recorded cassettes, including the ability toreproduce recordings made on both types of magnetic tapes definedin section 2. Related to 525 line / 60 field or 625 line / 50 fieldsystems, NTSC and PAL respectively.