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IEC 60884-2-4:2007 ed3.0
Plugs and socket-outlets for household and similar purposes - Part 2-4: Particular requirements for plugs and socket-outlets for SELV
49 стр.
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29.120.30 Plugs, socket-outlets, couplers / Вилки, розетки, соединители
This Part 2-4 of IEC 60884 applies to plugs, fixed or portable socket-outlets, and to socket-outlets for appliances from 6 V up to and including 48 V d.c. or a.c. (50/60 Hz) SELV with rated current of 16 A, intended for household and similar purposes, either indoors or outdoors. The main changes from the previous edition concern the following clauses: Clause 7 - Classification: Clause 8 - Marking Clause 9 - Checking of dimensions Clause 13 - Construction of fixed socket-outlets Clause 14 - Construction of plugs and portable socket-outlets new figures for gauges for the verification of maximum and minimum withdrawal force. Annexes:-deletion of informative Annex AA and inclusion of the relevant information in normative Annex B. Please consult the preview for more details.