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IEC 60950-1:2001 ed1.0
Information technology equipment - Safety - Part 1: General requirements
271 стр.
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35.260 Office. Including typewriters, dictation equipment, addressing machines, letter opening machines, letter folding machines, postal franking machines, their ribbons and other accessories, etc. / Машины конторские. Включая пишущие машинки, диктофоны, адресные машины, машины для вскрывания писем, машины для складывания писем, почтовые франкировальные машины, ленты и другие приспособления к ним и т.д.35.020 Information. Including general aspects of IT equipment / Информационные технологии (ИТ) в целом. Включая общие аспекты информационно-технологического оборудования
This standard is applicable to mains-powered or battery-powered information technology equipment, including electrical business equipment and associated equipment, with a RATED VOLTAGE not exceeding 600 V.This standard is also applicable to such information technology equipment:- designed for use as telecommunication terminal equipment and TELECOMMUNICATION NETWORK infrastructure equipment, regardless of the source of power;- designed and intended to be connected directly to, or used as infrastructure equipment in, a CABLE DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM, regardless of the source of power; - designed to use the AC MAINS SUPPLY as a communication transmission medium This standard specifies requirements intended to reduce risks of fire, electric shock or injury for the OPERATOR and layman who may come into contact with the equipment and, where specifically stated, for a SERVICE PERSON.This first edition of IEC 60950-1 cancels and replaces the third edition of IEC 60950, issued in 1999, and constitutes a technical revision.