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IEC 61076-3-120:2016 ed1.0
Connectors for electronic equipment - Product requirements - Part 3-120: Rectangular connectors - Detail specification for rewirable power connectors with snap locking for rated voltage of 250 V d.c. and rated current of 30 A
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31.220.10 Plug-and-socket devices. Connectors / Штепсельные разъемы. Соединители
IEC 61076-3-120:2016 describes a 2 pole 30 A rectangular power connector with snap locking (hereinafter shortly referred to as connector), including overall dimensions, interface dimensions, technical characteristics, performance requirements and test methods. The products covered by this detail specification are connectors without breaking capacity according to IEC 61984:2008 which are mainly for use in DC power distribution equipment in the telecommunications field, such as in outdoor telecom modules, distributed frames, etc. Key words: Connectors, Rectangular Connectors, Rewirable, Snap Locking