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IEC 61124:1997 ed1.0
Reliability testing - Compliance tests for constant failure rate and constant failure intensity
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19.020 Test conditions and procedures in general / Условия и методика испытаний в целом21.020 Characteristics. Including reliability, dependability, maintainability, durability, etc. / Характеристики и конструкция механизмов, приборов и оборудования. Включая надежность, безотказность, ремонтопригодность, долговечность и т.д.03.120.30 Application of statistical methods / Применение статистических методов
Specifies procedures to test whether an observed value of:- failure rate;- failure intensity;- mean time to failure;- mean operating time between failures;complies with a given requirement.Three types of test plans are prescribed as follows:- sequential test plans;- time/failure terminated test plan;- fixed calendar time/failure terminated test plans.Cancels and replaces IEC 60605-7, published in 1978, and its amendment 1 (1990), of which its constitutes a technical revision.