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IEC 61158-2:2000 ed2.0
Fieldbus standard for use in industrial control systems - Part 2: Physical Layer specification and service definition
383 стр.
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25.040.01 Industrial automation systems in general / Промышленные автоматизированные системы в целом35.240.50 IT applications in industry. Including design automation / Применение информационных технологий в промышленности. Включая автоматизацию проектирования
Fieldbus is a digital serial, multidrop, data bus for communicationwith low-level industrial control and instrumentation devices suchas transducers, actuators and local controllers. The Physical Layerprovides for transparent transmission of Data Link Layer entitiesacross physical connections. Specifies the requirements forFieldbus component parts. Also specifies the media and networkconfiguration requirements necessary to ensure agreed levels of:a) data integrity before Data Link error checking;b) interoperability between devices at the Physical Layer.