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IEC 61228:2008 ed2.0
Fluorescent ultraviolet lamps used for tanning - Measurement and specification method
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29.140.01 Lamps in general / Лампы в целом97.170 Body. Including hair-driers, razors, shavers, toothbrushes, massage appliances, radiation skin treatment appliances, etc. / Бытовые приборы для ухода за телом. Включая фены, бритвы, электробритвы, зубные щетки, массажные приборы, приборы для облучения кожи и т.д.17.240 Radiation. Including dosimetry / Измерения параметров излучений
This International Standard describes the method of measuring, evaluating and specifying the characteristics of fluorescent ultraviolet lamps that are used in appliances for tanning purposes. It includes specific requirements regarding the marking of such lamps. This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition published in 1993 and its Amendment 1 (1996). In this second edition, an equivalency code for the lamps is introduced. This equivalency code characterises the spectral energy distribution and is to be applied when replacing lamps in tanning equipment.