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IEC 61726:2015 ed3.0
Cable assemblies, cables, connectors and passive microwave components - Screening attenuation measurement by the reverberation chamber method
33 стр.
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33.120.10 Coaxial cables. Waveguides / Коаксиальные кабели. Волноводы33.120.30 RF connectors / Радиочастотные соединители
IEC 61726:2015 describes the measurement of screening attenuation by the reverberation chamber test method, sometimes named mode stirred chamber, suitable for virtually any type of microwave component and having no theoretical upper frequency limit. It is only limited toward low frequencies due to the size of the test equipment, which is frequency-dependent and is only one of several methods of measuring screening attenuation. For the purpose of this standard, examples of microwave components are waveguides, phase shifters, diplexers/multiplexers, power dividers/combiners etc. This third edition cancels and replaces the second edition, published in 1999. This edition constitutes a technical revision. It takes into account the latest developments in the design of reverberation chambers as described in IEC 61000-4-21, which is also referencing this standard as a possible test method. Furthermore, an alternative measurement procedure is added which is able to reduce the measurement time needed.