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IEC 61747-5-3:2009 ed1.0
Liquid crystal display devices - Part 5-3: Environmental, endurance and mechanical test methods - Glass strength and reliability
38 стр.
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31.120 Electronic. Including liquid crystal displays / Электронные дисплеи. Включая дисплеи на жидких кристаллах
IEC 61747-5-3:2009 applies to commercially available liquid crystal displays (LCDs). This standard applies to all LCD types, including transmissive, reflective or transflective liquid crystal display (LCD) modules using either segment, passive or active matrix and achromatic or colour type LCDs that are equipped with their own integrated source of illumination or without their own source of illumination. The objective of this standard is to establish uniform requirements for accurate and reliable measurements of the following LCD parameters:
a) quasistatic strength,
b) quasistatic fatigue.
The methods described in this standard apply to all sizes, small and large, liquid crystal displays.

This publication is to be read in conjunction with IEC 61747-1:1998.The contents of the corrigendum of November 2011 have been included in this copy.