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IEC 61788-9:2005 ed1.0
Superconductivity - Part 9: Measurements for bulk high temperature superconductors - Trapped flux density of large grain oxide superconductors
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29.050 Superconductivity and conducting materials / Проводниковые материалы17.220.20 Measurement. Including measuring instruments, instrument transformers / Измерения электрических и магнитных величин. Включая измерительные приборы, измерительные трансформаторы
Specifies a test method for the determination of the trapped field (trapped flux density) of bulk high temperature superconductors.This International Standard is applicable to large grain bulk oxide superconductors that have well defined shapes such as round discs, rectangular, and hexagonal pellets. The trapped flux density can be assessed at temperatures from 4,2 K to 90 K. For the purpose of standardization, the trapped flux density will be reported for liquid nitrogen temperature.