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IEC 62007-2:1997+AMD1:1998 CSV ed1.1
Semiconductor optoelectronic devices for fibre optic system applications - Part 2: Measuring methods
117 стр.
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33.180.01 Fibre optic systems in general / Волоконно-оптические системы в целом31.080.01 Semiconductor devices in general / Полупроводниковые приборы в целом31.260 Optoelectronics. Including photoelectric tubes and cells / Оптоэлектроника. Лазерное оборудование
Describes the measuring methods applicable to the semiconductor devices to be used in the field of fibre optic systems and subsystems.This consolidated version consists of the first edition (1997) and its amendment 1 (1998). Therefore, no need to order amendment inaddition to this publication.