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IEC 62083:2009 ed2.0
Medical electrical equipment - Requirements for the safety of radiotherapy treatment planning systems
59 стр.
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11.040.60 Therapy equipment / Терапевтическое оборудование
IEC 62083:2009 applies to the design, manufacture and some installation aspects of a radiotherapy treatment planning systems:
- for use in radiotherapy treatment planning in human medical practice;
- that imports data either through input by the operator or directly from other devices;
- that outputs data either in printed form for review or directly to other devices;
and which is intended to be:
a) for normal use, under the authority of appropriately licensed or qualified persons, by operators having the required skills and training;
b) maintained in accordance with the recommendations given in the instructions for use, and
c) used within the environmental and electrical supply conditions specified in the technical description.
This second edition replaces the first edition of IEC 62083, published in 2000. This edition constitutes a technical revision, which brings this standard in line with changes to the other standards referred to in this standard.