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IEC 62137-4:2014 ed1.0
Electronics assembly technology - Part 4: Endurance test methods for solder joint of area array type package surface mount devices
85 стр.
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31.190 Electronic. Including preassembled modules / Электронные компоненты в сборе. Включая предварительно собранные модули
IEC 62137-4:2014 specifies the test method for the solder joints of area array type packages mounted on the printed wiring board to evaluate solder joint durability against thermo-mechanical stress.This part of IEC 62137 applies to the surface mounting semiconductor devices with area array type packages (FBGA, BGA, FLGA and LGA) including peripheral termination type packages (SON and QFN) that are intended to be used in industrial and consumer electrical or electronic equipment. IEC 62137-4 includes the following significant technical changes with respect to IEC 62137:2004:
- test conditions for use of lead-free solder are included;
- test conditions for lead-free solders are added;
- accelerations of the temperature cycling test for solder joints are added.