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IEC 62153-4-14:2012 ed1.0
Metallic communication cable test methods - Part 4-14: Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) - Coupling attenuation of cable assemblies (Field conditions) absorbing clamp method
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33.040.20 Transmission. Including synchronization, cable systems, integrated cabling, pathways and multiplexing / Системы передачи. Включая синхронизацию, кабельные системы, интегрированные кабельные системы, магистрали и уплотнение каналов
IEC 62153-4-14:2012(E) is applicable to the in-field test method that is used to determine the coupling attenuation for installed links and channels used in analogue and digital communication systems. This method is used to determine the attenuation of disturbing power to signal power in a cabling system, and vice versa. This determines the influence from cabling on the EMC performance of a system. This standard is part of the IEC 62153 series titled Metallic communication cable test methods.