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IEC 62386-207:2009 ed1.0
Digital addressable lighting interface - Part 207: Particular requirements for control gear - LED modules (device type 6)
89 стр.
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29.140.99 Other standards related to lamps / Лампы, прочие аспекты29.140.50 Lighting. Including supply track systems / Системы осветительных электроустановок. Включая системы подачи питания
IEC 62386-207:2009 specifies a protocol and test procedures for the control by digital signals of electronic control gear for use on a.c. or d.c. supplies, associated with LED modules. This Part 207 is intended to be used in conjunction with IEC 62386-101 and IEC 62386-102, which contain general requirements for the relevant product type (control gear or control devices).