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IEC 62512:2012 ed1.0
Electric clothes washer-dryers for household use - Methods for measuring the performance
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97.060 Laundry. Including washing-machines, dry-cleaners, driers, ironing and pressing appliances, etc. / Прачечное оборудование. Включая стиральные машины, машины для химической чистки, сушильные машины, гладильные катки и машины и т.д.
IEC 62512:2012 provides a globally applicable and agreed method to test the washing and drying function of washer-dryers. Although this standard is based on IEC 61121:2012 on tumble dryers and IEC 60456:2010 on clothes washers, it specifies the conditions needed to test the combined function of washing and drying. The main elements of this standard are:
- the definition of the loads to be tested in continuous and interrupted operation cycles;
- the method for testing automatic and not automatic operation of the drying cycles;
- the way to handle the load for interrupted operation cycles;
- the correction to be applied to test results for continuous and interrupted operation cycles.