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IEC 62580-1:2015 ed1.0
Electronic railway equipment - On-board multimedia and telematic subsystems for railways - Part 1: General architecture
165 стр.
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45.060.01 Railway rolling stock in general / Подвижной состав железных дорог в целом
IEC 62580-1:2015 specifies the general architecture of the On-board Multimedia and Telematic Subsystem (OMTS), which includes four categories of multimedia and telematic subsystems identified as:
- Video surveillance/CCTV,
- driver and crew orientated services,
- passenger orientated services and
- train operator and maintainer orientated services. This part establishes:
- the boundary between the OMTS and the on-board communication system, as described by the IEC 61375 series,
- the methodology to describe an OMTS in terms of abstract model,
- the general principles and the basic requirements to specify the services provided/needed by each category,
- the approach to ensure interoperability between services.